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2018 was one hell of a year. A summer wedding, a honeymoon in Kauai, and plenty of adventures across Montana in between.

I spent a lot of time reviewing my photos from the year, pondering how to select the best. My absolute favorites. But what I found was a lot of blank space. There was no cohesive theme uniting my work from the year. No obvious parallels; just haphazard shooting resulting in a thin 2018 portfolio.

But this was a year of self-discovery, after all (as is every year, right?). From planning a wedding to buying our first home, this year checked off a lot of the “boxes”. What I realized though, in doing all of these amazing things, is that I spent a lot of time straying away from my craft.

So in lieu of my top 10 photos, I thought I’d take a look back on all of the seasonal adventures throughout 2018, derived from my film archives. These were the moments in between the “big” moments…the small, seemingly routine weekend adventures that rounded out the year and literally gave a breath of fresh air to 2018.

Cheers to staying wild and staying outside.

Happy New Year!

Oh, and it’s my dad’s birthday today. Happy Birthday, Dad!